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Certificate IDafb35aa0-ef61-4e32-83aa-c9961243ccd9

Certificate hash8dbcf88a07a51803fe6a1659b4612119dbb6b3161adcc17c032238c7ae0c41247b7e2f64c7a9ad7ecb379590da2c4acfc72131aeacde9853d8d9a1780db59374

Certificate namecourse-v1:IntelaEducation+DV0109EN+2017_Aug16

Issued atSat Aug 19 2017 06:56:36 GMT+0000 (UTC)

CriteriaThis certificate is awarded in recognition of full participation and successfully passed the final exam in an intensive four-day data visualization with Tableau bootcamp taught by Intela instructors. The bootcamp covered the following topics in-depth: Tableau, Connecting to Data (including data management and preparation, join types with Union, cross-database joins, data blending), Visualizing Data (including drill-down and hierarchies, sorting, grouping, creating and working with sets, filtering, interactive filters, parameters and formatting, trend lines, reference lines, forecasting and clustering), creating Dashboards and Stores in Tableau (including layouts and formatting, device designer, interactivity using Actions, and Story Points), Mapping in Tableau (including custom geocoding, polygon maps, Mapbox integration, WMS, tiles and features), Calculations (syntax, nested LOD expressions, and table, date, logic, number, string, type calculations), Pill Types and best practices, collaborating with and publishing to the Tableau Server (including web authoring and the Tableau Mobile App, saving and publishing data sources). The bootcamp involved a combination of theoretical as well as extensive hands-on practice. To learn more about the Data Visualization with Tableau bootcamp, go to: